Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: S&M2 online subtitrat


Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: S&M2 online subtitrat. Înregistrat live pe 6 și 8 Septembrie 2019, concertul aniversează 20 de ani de la legendarul album S&M, realizat împreună cu Orchestra din San Francisco. Vino să îi vezi pe Metallica și Orchestra din San Francisco, împreună cu celebrul dirijor Michael Tilson Thomas, într-un spectacol conceput pentru marele ecran! Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: S&M2 online subtitrat

Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony perform a live concert together at Chase Center in San Francisco. If you’re gonna step in front of 18,000 diehard Metallica fans and lecture them on the history of classical music, you better have something interesting to say. Luckily for Michael Tilson Thomas, music director for the San Francisco Symphony, the act of winning over the crowd Friday night was easy. Metallica, after all, were on his side. Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: S&M2 online subtitrat

After explaining how the 20th Century art movement “futurism” was inspired by the musical age, he introduced a piece by Russian composer Alexander Mosolov, Iron Foundry, and welcomed the Bay Area thrashers to join the orchestra. “Futurism will never be the same,” he opined. And he was right. The group added mighty, heavy metal riffs to the otherwise avant-garde piece, making it some other kind of monster. But that was the spirit of the evening.

Twenty years after Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony first performed together — recording orchestra-infused renditions of the band’s hits for Metallica’s S&M album — they staged tonight’s concert, unapologetically titled S&M2. Where the original was an intimate affair for less than 3,500 concertgoers, this concert was supersized; it was the inaugural event at San Francisco’s Chase Center, the new home for the NBA team the Golden State Warriors, and the band (the “Master of Trumpets” tonight) played in the round with a rotating stage so everyone could see them. The idea behind the concert was risky — what if the orchestra ruined the band’s songs? — but the group picked songs that worked well with weepy strings and puffed-chest horns. They played big hits (“One,” “Wherever I May Roam”), deep cuts (“All Within My Hands,” “The Unforgiven III”), and one wild bass solo (“Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)”), making each song its own mini symphony. And that’s no small task — literally.

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